“this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.”

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Whoever wrote this dialogue is a freakin’ genius

What is this from?

did some research and it’s from “Syrup,” which looks to be a movie that came out this year. also it’s on netflix. 

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Cover Sheet 🎶🎶

Cheaters gonna cheat
Players gonna play
But baby you know what I ain’t gonna lay
Stand up over and over never give up
Yours dreams your life whatever you want
Never say Never
Live your life the way you want
Haters gonna hate but guess what baby I ain’t gonna hate
Cuz Idk what’s your cover sheet
We all live life in different ways
Don’t sue
most of us don’t have money to pay
Love you
Look past that cover sheet
What do you see?
Tell me what do you see?
Tell me what you wanna be
Where you wanna go
Who you’re gonna be
Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine
Different stories
Different paths
Different walks of life
Never matter what I’m still gonna run
Tell me what do you see?
Behind that cover sheet